How to add RSS feed reader with Elementor

RSS Feeds for Elementor free version is a component that will allow you to aggregate news feeds from differents sources.
It display all the aggregated content in a readable format, and it can be a great way to boost your website engagement rates.
Supports multiples format like Youtube, Vimeo, Podcast and Videocast.
With this tutorial you we’ll show you how to add a RSS Feed reader and you will be able to enter a list of feeds and configure the behavior of the component.
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. A web feed format for publishing frequent updates of site content such as news, blog posts.

Accessibility for RSS feed reader widget

Activate the component RSS Feeds

The plugin Elementor is installed and active.

The plugin EAC components is installed and active.

From the settings panel (EAC advanced) you have to drag & drop the ‘RSS Feeds‘ icon on the panel preview.

RSS Feed icon

Create RSS feeds list and set content config

You can add as many streams as you want.
For each feed enter a title and the corresponding URL.

  • Support RSS/ATOM feeds,
  • Youtube Playlist and Channel streams,
  • Vimeo User and Channels streams,
  • Podcast and videocast.
RSS Feeds list

In the Content section, you will be able to define

  • the number of posts per feed you want to display,
  • how many words the excerpt will contain,
  • display publication Date/Author,
  • display image.

Configure image and layout

Because you do not control the dimensions of the images that are opened in the widget, you will only be able to define the height of the images.
You have to decide if the feed link is on the image.

RSS Feeds image
Select the number of items displayed per line for each type of device.
RSS Feeds layout

Apply styles to elements

You can choose a style from 10 predefined styles or create your own and you will define the font, the color of the text and other formatting elements.

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  1. Muy buenos días saludos desde Colombia una pregunta yo busco la opción feed rss en elementor y no la encuentro donde se puede puede activar esta opción??

    • Hi Rubiel,
      En Elementor no hay opciones pero solo en nuestro plugin. Para esta página de componentes de panel/EAC, pestaña advanced y active la opción ‘RSS reader’


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