Image animation

Image animation for Elementor adds two new components which will make it easier for you to configure animation on images.

Ken Burns effect for background images

Ken Burns effect can be applied to multiple background images in Section, Column and Container elements.
First you have to turn on the feature ‘Ken Burns effect’.

  • In the admin panel select ‘EAC Components’ page then ‘Features’ tab and activate the option Ken Burns effect,
  • under the ‘Style’ tab expand the EAC Ken burns effect section and toggle the ‘Active Ken Burns effect‘ button,
  • select the desired image, its initial position and the type of animation,
  • you can then globally set the duration of the animation.
Use Ken Burns Feature to

Create Attractive Hero Scenes.

You can choose between different animation directions for each background image, their exposure time to match the composition of the scene by setting a story, a desire to share.

Use Ken Burns Feature to

Offer the best visual of your products at all times

Very useful to present your physical or virtual products especially in a landing page from which you can effectively direct your visitors.

Use Ken Burns Feature to

Display your content side by side or layered

Image comparison

  • Select the two images to compare to show the evolution of a photographed place or any creation,
  • the images must be of the same dimensions or define the dimensions with the corresponding control,
  • image labels can be customized.
fromage vieillissement
fromage vieillissement
Ensemble riviera