Image Hotspots

Image Hotspots for the free version of Elementor is a new widget that will allow you to create an image with interactive hotspots with which you can display points of interest and in-depth information about the image.
Supports multiple components on the same page.
Select different types of hotspots.
In-depth customization of hotspots and their related tooltips.
Consult the documentation for the implementation.

Make image interactive using hotspots

Creating a hotspot

Select three different types of hotspot

  • Font Awesome
  • Preset animation
  • Simple text

Determine the position of each of them as well as the angle of rotation
Characterize the size and color of the hotspot
Create the content of each tooltip

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Highlight tooltips

All tooltips can be displayed on the frontend
Very handy when you need to apply styles to shape and text on the backend
Characterize the position, the size and color of the tooltip
Add internal external links in the content of each tooltip

Styling the tooltip

Define the width, the background color and the border of the shape
The user can hover over the hotspots to reveal a text, an associated image
Tons of other configuration

The summit of Mont Cervin
(Matterhorn) 4478m


Cervin refuge Solvay

Refuge Solvay

This is where it starts