Lottie animation

Lottie animation for Elementor is a new widget with which you can add a Lottie animation to your page without having to touch a single line of code.
Lottie animations are very trendy because they are very light compared to other web animation formats such as GIF for example.
Try adding your first Lottie animation to your webpage using one of the many free animations on LottieFiles.
Read this tutorial to add Lottie to Elementor.

Easy to implement

Copy paste a Lottie URL from LottieFiles or upload a Lottie file (JSON) straight from your PC and drag and drop the component to where you want your Lottie to be.

Mouse in and out animation

You can trigger the animation on mouseover or when the animation is in the visible part of the window.
Very useful to avoid overloading the page.

Tons of customization

This component has different options to choose

  • the size,
  • an angle of rotation,
  • the position,
  • you can add a link,
  • speed,
  • the type of rendering,
  • when the animation should be started.

Use Lottie as background animation

In addition to the component, EAC implements a feature to use a single Lottie animations in the background of a column (Fireworks).
As you can see, the animations are triggered in the visible part of the window (Viewport).