How to create a team members page with Elementor

Team Members for the free version of Elementor is a new component that lets you showcase your staff on your site with their photo, position, bio, and social profiles.
You can also use this widget to publish all types of information specific to your site which uses the same codes relating to the available fields.

Activate the component Team Members

The plugin Elementor is installed and active.

The plugin EAC components is installed and active.

From the settings panel (EAC advanced) you have to drag & drop the ‘Team Members‘ icon on the panel preview.

Team members icon

Configure general and image settings

select the name and job title level.
You can choose between six skins for rendering and the number of elements per line for each type of device.

Team Members general settings skin

Select the size of the images for the quality of the rendering and their loading times, the height of the images as well as their positions in the container and possibly an animation on hover.

Team Members Image Settings

Add people to the list of members

Section Members list, tab Member
You can create as many members as you want by filling in the name, job title and a brief description of the person.

Section Members list, tab Social Networks.
15 fields are possible to promote certain social media.
Each of them has its own style of display in accordance with the graphic charter of the social network.

Apply styles to elements

You can select one of eight styles to apply to each of the cards and choose the main color.

Team Members general style

Nothing particular for the other sections with which you will define the size and the color of the elements.
The Overlay section is visible with Skin 2 and allows you to size the height of the overlay for each device.

Team Members overlay style

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