Post grid

Post Grid for Elementor free version is a new component that extends the basic functionality of Elementor.
It allows you to present your blog posts and your Custom Posts Type with the corresponding Taxonomy and filtering by post Authors and Custom Fields.

The Post Grid supports standard Custom Fields and Advanced Custom Fields Keys/Values with their Data types and Comparison operators.

Follow this link to watch the tutorial

Table of Contents


  • Filter Posts and Custom Post Types by taxonomy, Author, Custom Fields and Advanced Custom Fields
  • Pagination
  • Different modes, Masonry, Grid, Text on the right, on the left
  • Number of columns per row
  • Tons of other settings

Display posts by categories

  • Posts in Masonry layout mode with filter on categories
  • Sort descending on the ‘date of last modification
  • Pagination

Help center

You will find in this page a set of documents which will guide and help you to access and build a dynamic site based on the most recent technologies

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How do i make a html sitemap with elementor

HTML Sitemap guides your website visitors to where they want to go. It’s where they turn if they haven’t found what they are looking from those dropdown menus

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No more post

No more post

Display posts with author filter

  • Filter by post Author
  • Displays the Gravatars

Add External Image For Elementor

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Add Website Thumbnail like a screenshot

Website Thumbnails for Elementor free version allow you to very easily present and link a remote or local website page like a screenshot

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Elementor Control Conditions

Define the simple and advanced visibility conditions (Show / Hide) of a Control Elementor.

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Elementor Dynamic Social Medias

Display dynamiquely social icons on a blog post, with author’s or user’s social media links

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Elementor Dynamic Template

Add and synchronize your content with Elementor templates anywhere in a post, page or sidebar.

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Elementor Image Set Default Values

Set in Elementor the default values ​​for different image controls with properties like 'fields_options' and 'allowed_dimensions'

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Display posts with Advanced Custom Fields filter

  • Filter by Advanced Custom Fields Keys/Values
  • Sort descending by created date
  • Fetured image and Text to right with automatic columnarization for mobiles

Fauteuil Louis Philippe Zèbre

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Fauteuil Crapaud pixélisé

Fauteuil crapaud au musée Gustave-Moreau, Paris. Le fauteuil crapaud est un fauteuil entièrement rembourré à dossier gondole et aux pieds généralement cachés par un volant du[...]

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Années 30 à 60, la décoration entre dans l’ère moderne Des années 30 aux années 60, quelques créateurs français se réunissent pour former l’Union des artistes[...]

Fauteuil Bergère Pompadour

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Display posts with standard Custom Fields filter

  • Filter by Custom Fields Keys/Values
  • Sort descending by created date
  • Fetured image and Text to left with automatic columnarization for mobiles

Help center

You will find in this page a set of documents which will guide and help you to access and build a dynamic site based on[...]

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Display Custom post types with Custom Fields filter

  • Display of ‘Series TV’ in Grid layout mode with filter on Custom Fields Keys (Director)
  • Sort descending on the Title
  • Fetured image to which a ratio has been applied
  • The post link is on the picture

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This component uses the libraries: Isotope, ImagesLoaded, Infinite-Scroll by David DeSandro
The Fancybox library for the viewer

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