Size: 1.9Mo
Version: v2.0.2
Published: March 3, 2023

Installation : The plugin ‘Elementor’ is installed and active. Unzip the content of the ‘zip’ in the plugins directory and then proceed to activate it.

Components : You can Activate / Deactivate each of the components/features in the ‘EAC Components‘ configuration page to avoid loading unnecessary resources.

Language: “English (United States)” is the default language of the plugin except for wordpress sites whose language setting is French.

Change log

V2.0.2 – 03/03/2023
New: ‘Effect Ken Burns’ is a new feature that allows you to create a background slideshow with a Ken Burns effect for each image (Read more).
Updated: ‘ACF relationship grid’ now supports global ACF fields created with the feature Options pages.
Fix: ‘ACF relationship grid’ WooCommerce product image not loading.
Improved: ‘ACF relationship grid’ improved content display in grid or slider mode by adding a vertical align control.
Updated: ‘Image hotspots’ added new controls to manage the image. Default values ​​can impact the existing.
Fix: ‘Modal box’ the contents of block templates appear briefly when the page loads.
Fix: ‘Openstreetmap’ default configuration tiles file does not load correctly.
Fix: ‘Openstreetmap’ on Safari the click on the markers is inoperative.
Fix: ‘Product grid’ displays the sold quantity of the product even if the product is out of stock.
Improved: compatibility with Elementor 3.10.2
Notice: minimum Elementor version expected 3.5.0
Notice: old components ‘Background slideshow’ and ‘Ken Burn slideshow’ are removed from this release.

V2.0.1 – 01/20/2023
Updated: ‘Product grid’ add a configuration tab in the plugin settings page for better integration with WooCommerce (Read the help).
Fix: critical error user logged in as ‘editor’ and plugin settings option ‘WordPress/Grant access Options Page’ enabled.
Fix: ‘Product grid’ dynamic tags are again available for text fields.
Fix: Components whose dependencies are not active (ACF, WooCommerce) are no longer visible in the plugin settings page.
Updated: improve the coding of PHP files with PHP coding standards.

V2.0.0 – 01/01/2023
New: ‘Multiple background images’ Add multiple background images in the elements like Container/Section/Column (Read the help).
Fix: ‘Lottie background’ Lib jQuery not loading.
Fix: ‘Post grid’ mode slider The avatar covers the entire container under certain conditions.
Notice: Elementor 3.8.0 Important note if you have enabled ‘Container’ experiment and are using the feature ‘EAC custom CSS’. Please check the developer note chapter ‘Updated Class Names‘.
Notice: 27 components and 15 features always available for free.

V1.9.9 – 12/06/2022 — WP: 6.0.3 – Elementor: 3.7.0 – ACF: 6.0.3 – WooCommerce: 6.9.0 – PHP: 7.4
Updated: ‘Product grid’ added the badge ‘New‘ for the new product you registered.
Updated: ‘Dynamic Woocommerce Tags’ added dynamic tag ‘Product category image‘.
Fix: ‘Dynamic Woocommerce Tags’ The ‘Product Tags’ tag does not retrieve the taxonomy.
Fix: ‘Product grid’ features, content horizontal alignment not working.
Fix: ‘Product grid’ HTML mode for ‘Out of stock’ not showing.
Notice: ‘Settings page’ rename ‘Components’ tab to ‘Basic’.

V1.9.8 – 11/20/2022 — WP => 6.0.3 Elementor => 3.7.0 WOOCOMMERCE => 6.9.0 PHP => 7.4+
New: ‘Product grid’ Add a grid of your products by displaying it in different forms (Grid, Masonry and Slider), which integrates perfectly with Woocommerce widgets (Read the help).
New: ‘Dynamic Woocommerce Tags’ 15 dynamic tags to display Woocommerce product values ​​anywhere on your site (Read the help).
Updated: ‘ACF Relationship posts in a grid’ added ‘Read more’ button.
Updated: ‘Slider mode’ sharing a single instance of the slider for the components that use it. May impact the existing.
Fix: ‘Images gallery’ display Elementor’s default image if the current image has been deleted from the library.
Fix: ‘Table of content’ default styles not applied correctly.
Tweak: Introduce elementor/widgets/register hook for making it compatible with elementor 3.7.x
Tweak: Introduce elementor/controls/register hook for making it compatible with elementor 3.7.x
Tweak: Introduce elementor/dynamic_tags/register hook for making it compatible with elementor 3.7.x
Notice: 27 components and 14 features always available for free.
Notice: ‘Slider pro’, ‘Round image’ and ‘image with ribbon’ are removed from this release.

V1.9.7 – 09/03/2022 — WP => 6.0.2 Elementor => 3.6.0 PHP => 7.4+
Updated: ‘Image gallery’ added new display mode ‘Slider‘ (Read the help).
Updated: ‘Post grid’ added new display mode ‘Slider‘.
Updated: ‘Post grid’ supports now the feature ‘side-by-side’ text to left or text to right for all display modes.
Updated: ‘ACF relationship post in a grid’ added new display mode ‘Slider‘.
Notice: Read the help to use the Slider.
Notice: due to the refactoring of these three components, it is possible that the existing one will be slightly impacted.
To remedy these drawbacks, go to the dashboard ‘Elementor/Tools’ button ‘Regenerate Files & Data’ to update styles.
Notice: With the addition of slider mode, the components ‘Slider pro’, ‘Round image’, ‘image with ribbon’ will be removed in the next release (1.9.8).

V1.9.6 – 06/27/2022 — WP => 6.0 Elementor => 3.6.0 PHP => 7.4+
New: Grant access to the feature ‘ACF Options page’ for the roles ‘editor and shop_manager’ (Read the help).
New: “Customize navigation menu” add badge, icon or image for menu items (Read the help).
New: “Motion Effects” is a new feature that extends the motion effects for the free version of Elementor (Read the help).
Fix: “Off-canvas menu” two ‘div’ tags with the same ‘id’.
Improved: Compatibility with WordPress 6.0
Notice: 29 components and 13 features always available for free.

V1.9.5 – 04/29/2022 — WP => 5.9.3 Elementor => 3.6.0 PHP => 7.4+
New: “Openstreetmap” component. Supports overlay layers.
New: “Openstreetmap” component. You can configure and add/remove your own tile/overlay layers (Read the help).
New: “Openstreetmap” component. You can now add and reuse your own icon sets (Read the help).
New: “Openstreetmap” component. You can import your own dataset to display markers along with their relevant information (Read the help).
New: “Openstreetmap” component. Markers imported from a file or an url are automatically grouped by cluster.
Fix: “ACF relationship” Fix Image ratio issue.
Improved: Compatibility with Elementor 3.6.0

V1.9.4 – 04/07/2022 — WP => 5.9.3 Elementor => 3.5.0 PHP => 7.4+
Fix: Feature ‘ACF-json’ Error message: syntax error, unexpected end of file.
Fix: The update process for a new version is going well but the update information persists.
Updated: Admin plugin. Force the display of the ‘View details’ link.
Updated: Due to adverse effects with Elementor PRO version, the following features are disabled if Elementor PRO is installed and active.
ACF Options page, Custom attributes, Custom CSS, Dynamic tags, ACF dynamic tags, Lottie background and Sticky effect.
Notice: 29 components and 10 features always available for free.

V1.9.3 – 03/14/2022 — WP => 5.9.2 Elementor => 3.5.0 PHP => 7.4+
New: Added a new component ‘Lottie animation‘ which vill allow you to display amazing animations on your web site (Read the help).
New: Added a new feature ‘Lottie background‘ which will allow you to display in the background of a column amazing animation (Read the help).
Update: ‘RSS feeds, Pinterest feeds, ACF relationship grid’ display of grid content line by line.
Improved: Verification of security nonces.
Notice: 29 components and 10 features available for free.

EAC Team