Size: 1.1Mo
Version: v1.6.2
Published: November 20, 2020

Installation : The plugin ‘Elementor’ is installed and active. Unzip the content of the ‘zip’ in the plugins directory and then proceed to activate it.

Components : You can Activate / Deactivate each of the components in the ‘EAC Components‘ configuration page to avoid loading unnecessary resources.

Change log

V1.6.2 – 20/11/2020 – 11/20/2020 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 3.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: a new Dynamic Tags ‘External image‘ to load Images from an external URL with the widget ‘Image’
This is a fastest way to create them by inserting an URL without using the Media library
Replaces the Dynamic Tags ‘Shortcode media’ which will be removed in the next release (v1.6.3)
Follow this link for the documentation
Updated: ‘Instagram’ the search component is operational again
Updated: ‘Instagram’ due to the more recent deprecation, the links on the pictograms ‘likes and comments’ are deactivated
Fix: removal pieces of CSS code especially for the image caption

V1.6.1 – 07/11/2020 – 11/7/2020 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 3.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: “Modal Box” component allow you to add content in a popup with Elementor free version.
You will be able to display a Custom Text, Video, Form and Elementor Template from different triggers like Button, Image, simple Text or automatiquely after the page is loaded.
You will find full examples following this link and documentation with this link.
Updated: “Dynamic Tags” add the ‘Role‘ option to the list of Author/User informations.
Updated: “Fancybox” the slideshow option is enable in the toolbar.
Fix: ‘Instagram‘ Instagram Shortcode is suppressed and the Video and Slideshow pictograms are deleted due to the recent deprecation (10/24/2020) of the embed object endpoint.
Fix: removal pieces of CSS code especially for titles H1 to H6.
Notice: 20 components are ready to use.

V1.6.0 – 02/10/202010/2/2020 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 3.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: Dynamic Tags knows as ‘Dynamic content’ for the Free version of Elementor (Read more)
Added: Custom CSS for the Free version of Elementor (Read more)
Added: Use your own Elementor Templates anywhere on the Posts, Pages or Sidebar (Read more)
Added: Easily link and display the external images from a CDN or other websites (Read more)
Added: Easily link and display the external images form a CDN when the widget ‘Image’ is used (Read more)
Updated: ‘Post grid‘ Display post author Avatar/Gravatar
Updated: ‘Post grid‘ Apply filters on post Authors (Read More)
Updated: ‘Post grid‘ Apply filters on post Custom Fields (Read More)
Updated: ‘Post grid‘ Filters ‘Term, Author, Custom Fields’ are visible for mobiles
Fix: ‘Post grid‘ Remove duplicates ‘slug’ for CPT filters
Updated: ‘Image gallery‘ Image ratio can be used to display images with grid mode
Updated: ‘Image gallery‘ The Fancybox is available for all modes (Masonry, Grid, Justify)
Updated: ‘Instagram component Search‘ not yet available following changes to Instagram’s graphQl API (Look at)
Fix: ‘Instagram Location‘ The ‘jqCloud’ library is correctely loaded
Note: All ‘Read more’ can be consulted in component ‘Post Grid’
Note: Next release implements a ‘Modal Box’ component
Note: This version is not compatible with Elementor Pro

V1.5.4 – 13/06/202006/13/2020
Instagram: Les composants ‘Instagram‘ ont un fonctionnement erratique dû à la migration vers le nouvel API (GraphQl Facebook). Les travaux de mise à jour débuteront lorsque l’environnement sera stabilisé.
“Instagram made an important announcement about upcoming changes in operating API, which will affect Instagram users and delevopers. It will be on March 31, 2020.”
Please read this Guide Line.

V1.5.4 – 13/06/202006/13/2020
Added: Création et ajout du composant “Chart”.
– 7 types de graphiques et leurs variations (Empilé) sont disponibles pour produire et publier facilement des diagrammes interactifs
– Les données peuvent être saisies directement dans le widget ou en important un fichier de format JSON. Consulter l’aide pour le format des fichiers.
– Des fichiers préformatés vous aideront à bien débuter la construction et la publication de vos graphiques (Rép : assets/js/chart/json).
Updated: “Instagram Location Feeds” Les résultats de l’appel de service ‘Nominatim OpenStreetMap’ sont enregistrés dans la base de données pendant un mois (Transient).
Updated: “Instagram Location Feeds” Lien vers le site web de la ‘Location’.
Fix: Défilement (Swipe) et zoom des images dans la Fancybox pour les mobiles.
Notice: 19 composants disponibles

V0.0.9 – 01/10/2018
Mise à disposition de la version initiale de Elementor Addon Components (EAC).
11 composants disponibles et gratuits.

EAC Team