Size: 1.1Mo
Version: v1.7.5
Published: April 19, 2021

Installation : The plugin ‘Elementor’ is installed and active. Unzip the content of the ‘zip’ in the plugins directory and then proceed to activate it.

Components : You can Activate / Deactivate each of the components in the ‘EAC Components‘ configuration page to avoid loading unnecessary resources.

Change log

V1.7.5 – 19/04/2020 – 04/19/2020 — WP => 5.7.1 Elementor => 3.1.0 PHP => 7.4+
Added: ‘Post Grid’ component can be filtered with ACF field keys/values.
Fix: Because of use ACF fields for filtering ‘Post Grid’ component, refactored ‘Custom Fields’ features for better compability.
This can cause inconsistencies for old versions.
Fix: Custom Fields/ACF Fields, change the separator character. Pipe ‘|’ in place of comma ‘,’
Fix: Code refactored for better performance and security.
Checked: Compatibility with latest versions of WordPress 5.7.1
Checked: Compatibility with latest versions of Elementor 3.1.4
Added: Compatibility Tag for Elementor

V1.7.3 – 02/04/2020 – 04/02/2020 — WP => 5.6.2 Elementor => 3.0.16 PHP => 7.3+
Fix: ‘Post Grid’ Bug fix. Did not check the content type of the serialized ‘meta_value’ field.
Fix: ‘Post Grid’ Bug fix. Cast the ‘NUMERIC’ and ‘DECIMAL’ value types.
Added: ‘Post Grid’ REGEXP and NOT REGEXP comparison operators to prepare the implementation of the ACF plugin.

V1.7.2 – 21/03/2020 – 03/21/2020 — WP => 5.6.2 Elementor => 3.0.16 PHP => 7.3+
Notice: ‘Post Grid’ does not support yet ACF plugin.
Fix: ‘Post Grid’ Bug fix. The filter feature didn’t work if the ACF plugin was installed and active.
Fix: ‘Post Grid’ The ‘Align Text right/left’ controls are not hidden when the ‘excerpt’ content is disabled.
Fix: ‘Post Grid’ and ‘Image gallery’ Filter alignment for mobiles.
Fix: The list of post types was incomplete.
Added: ‘Post Grid’ Option to display query arguments in edit mode.
Added: Of a filter to limit the list of post types displayed.
Added: ‘Post Grid’ and ‘Image gallery’ Vertical align option with the image ratio.
Updated: ‘Advanced query feature’ The meta_value field, of date type, accepts now three formats ‘2021-03-21’ ‘2021/03/21’ ‘20210321’

V1.7.1 – 15/03/2021 – 03/15/2021 … WP => 5.6.2 Elementor => 3.1.3 PHP => 7.3+
Added: A new component ‘HTML Sitemap’ which will allow you to create your fully customizable Sitemap in HTML format.
Check and follow this tutorial.
Notice: 22 components available for free.

V1.7.0 – 09/03/2021 – 03/09/2021 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 2.9.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Updated: ‘Post Grid’ You can now create your own Query on Custom fields for Posts, Custom post types, and Pages.
– Implementation of a selector for the Post type, Taxonomies, and associated Tags.
– Posts can be filtered by their Author.
– Implementation of a list of distinct meta_key and their related meta_value by using the Dynamic Tags feature from Elementor.
– Implementation of the Data type and the Comparison operator.
– Implementation of the Relation between Queries.
– You can apply Aspect ratio to the images on Grid mode.
– Remove the overlay on images. The lightbox is directly open when you click/touch on the image.
** Pay attention: The interface of the widget “Post Grid” has been completely rewamped that could lead to inconsistencies with the previous versions of the component, in particular for the selection of Custom fields keys.
*** Check and follow this tutorial.
Fix: ‘Modalbox’ The content of an HTML page is not displayed.
Added: ‘Modalbox’ Specific entry ‘Link HTML’ in the content type list.
Added: ‘Post Grid’ and ‘Image gallery’ four new styles.

V1.6.8 – 18/01/2021 – 01/18/2021 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 2.9.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Updated: Add filter for the component Image gallery.
Each item of the repeater has a field in which you can enter one or more labels, separated by a comma, which will be used as a filter for the image gallery.
You can enable or disable the filter and align it with the images in the gallery.
Updated: ‘Post grid‘ You can align the filter with the items of the post grid.

V1.6.7 – 15/01/2021 – 01/15/2021 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 2.9.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: You can now enable ‘Metro‘ mode for layout with Image gallery.
‘Metro’ mode only applies to the first image to highlight it.
Fix: Widget repeater. Removed ‘array_values’.
Fix: Changed deprecated ‘_content_template’ method. Planned Deprecations 2.9.0

V1.6.6 – 07/01/2021 – 01/07/2021 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 2.9.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: Implements the feature ‘Custom attributes‘. Now you can add your own attributes to the section, column and widget (Follow this link)
Fix: Dynamic tags “External Image” do not return an empty array when no URL has been set.
Fix: Dynamic tags “Custom CPT” Change url ‘guid’ by ‘get_permalink’.
Fix: Modalbox widget add condition to show/hide the control “ALT attribute”.

V1.6.5 – 31/12/2020 – 12/31/2020 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 2.9.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: Implements the feature ‘Update plugin‘ as well as the popup ‘Show the details‘ under the view plugins.
Added: ‘ALT’ attribute for the widget ‘image’ when you are using the components ‘Post grid, Image gallery’ and the Dynamic Tag ‘External image’.

V1.6.4 – 10/12/2020 – 12/10/2020 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 2.9.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: A new component ‘Syntax Highlighter‘ for Elementor which will allow you to publish and share the source of your code.
You have 14 languages most used with WordPress ​​as well as related themes with full of customization (Follow this link).
Added: A new option with the ‘Chart‘ component with which you can load the current palette of your colors (Saved colors)
Each of the palette color will be affected automaticaly to a serie. For that enable “Style Tab/Global/Global colors”.
Updated: Set “placeholder.png” as the default image for the Dynamic Tag “External image“.
Updated: The ‘Fancybox‘ viewer toolbar is positioned vertically.
Notice: 21 components available.

V1.6.3 – 30/11/2020 – 11/30/2020 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 2.9.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: A new text field under the widget ‘Image’ in which you can enter the content of the ‘ALT’ attribute of the image (Follow this link).
This field should be normally filled when you add an image with the Dynamic Tag ‘External image‘ to improve the SEO of the page.
Updated: The components ‘Image gallery’ and ‘Image carousel’ have been updated to reflect the changes.
Updated: The Dynamic Tags ‘Shortcode media‘ is deleted.
Fix: Some settings, in the component configuration page, was not being saved.

V1.6.2 – 20/11/2020 – 11/20/2020 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 2.9.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: a new Dynamic Tags ‘External image‘ to load Images from an external URL with the widget ‘Image’
This is a fastest way to create them by inserting an URL without using the Media library
Follow this link for the documentation
Replaces the Dynamic Tags ‘Shortcode media’ which will be removed in the next release (v1.6.3)
Updated: ‘Instagram’ the search component is operational again
Updated: ‘Instagram’ due to the more recent deprecation, the links on the pictograms ‘likes and comments’ are deactivated
Fix: removal pieces of CSS code especially for the image caption

V1.6.1 – 07/11/2020 – 11/7/2020 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 2.9.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: “Modal Box” component allow you to add content in a popup with Elementor free version.
You will be able to display a Custom Text, Video, Form and Elementor Template from different triggers like Button, Image, simple Text or automatiquely after the page is loaded.
You will find full examples following this link and documentation with this link.
Updated: “Dynamic Tags” add the ‘Role‘ option to the list of Author/User informations.
Updated: “Fancybox” the slideshow option is enable in the toolbar.
Fix: ‘Instagram‘ Instagram Shortcode is suppressed and the Video and Slideshow pictograms are deleted due to the recent deprecation (10/24/2020) of the embed object endpoint.
Fix: removal pieces of CSS code especially for titles H1 to H6.
Notice: 20 components are ready to use.

V1.6.0 – 02/10/202010/2/2020 … WP => 5.0+ Elementor => 2.9.0+ PHP => 7.0+
Added: Dynamic Tags knows as ‘Dynamic content’ for the Free version of Elementor (Read more)
Added: Custom CSS for the Free version of Elementor (Read more)
Added: Use your own Elementor Templates anywhere on the Posts, Pages or Sidebar (Read more)
Added: Easily link and display the external images from a CDN or other websites (Read more)
Added: Easily link and display the external images form a CDN when the widget ‘Image’ is used
Updated: ‘Post grid‘ Display post author Avatar/Gravatar
Updated: ‘Post grid‘ Apply filters on post Authors (Read More)
Updated: ‘Post grid‘ Apply filters on post Custom Fields (Read More)
Updated: ‘Post grid‘ Filters ‘Term, Author, Custom Fields’ are visible for mobiles
Fix: ‘Post grid‘ Remove duplicates ‘slug’ for CPT filters
Updated: ‘Image gallery‘ Image ratio can be used to display images with grid mode
Updated: ‘Image gallery‘ The Fancybox is available for all modes (Masonry, Grid, Justify)
Updated: ‘Instagram component Search‘ not yet available following changes to Instagram’s graphQl API (Look at)
Fix: ‘Instagram Location‘ The ‘jqCloud’ library is correctely loaded
Note: All ‘Read more’ can be consulted in component ‘Post Grid’
Note: Next release implements a ‘Modal Box’ component
Note: This version is not compatible with Elementor Pro

V0.0.9 – 01/10/2018
Mise à disposition de la version initiale de Elementor Addon Components (EAC).
11 composants disponibles et gratuits.

EAC Team