You will find is this page all the libraries and providers that ‘Element Addon Components’ use to configure and display your favorites widgets.

Special thanks to

The photos which illustrate the different pages are kindly provided by cestpascommode and Unblast
Special thanks to Marie Comet and her blog

RSS feeds

This component uses the libraries Multiple-circular-player and jquery-floating-social-share

PDF viewer

Use the library pdf.js (2.9.359) from Firefox

Lottie animation

This components use the library from Lottiefiles (5.8.1)


Maps powered by OpenStreetmap
Search engine by Nominatim
Javascript library powered by Leaflet (1.9.4)
Search for the IP address by Geoplugin
Beautiful Animated Marker Clustering (1.5.3) functionality

Image galleries and grid widgets

This components uses the libraries Isotope (3.0.6) , ImagesLoaded (4.1.4) and Infinite-scroll (3.0.5) by David DeSandro
The library fjGallery (2.2.0)
For the slider the components use the library Swiper (8.3.2)

Modalbox and Viewer

Plugin components make intensive use of the library Fancybox (3.0.0) made by Fancyapps


The component Chart is builded with the library ChartJS (2.9.3)
Chart also use plugins Datalabels (0.7.0) and Style (0.5.0)

Syntax highlighter

This component uses the Prism library (1.22.0) as well as the associated themes

Animation effects

Entrance animations: powerfull CSS library Animate (4.1.1)

Customize navigation menu

Font icon picker with categories, search and pagination