Header and Footer builder

Header and Footer builder for Elementor is a new feature that allows you to create and customize each part of your site.
The headers and footers provided by your theme are generally well designed and suitable for the majority of users. However, if you want to customize a header for each type of post, this is where our generator comes in with the widgets needed for fine customization and relating to your needs, your graphic charter without coding.
Follow this link to build an Header or an Footer.

Integration into the Elementor environment

Creating a header or footer template is as easy as creating a new page/section or container template and fits perfectly into the Elementor design.

From the dashboard open the Elementor templates page in which two new tabs have been added for headers and footers.
To create a new template click on the ‘Add New’ button and in the popup select the type of template and give it a name.

HFE create tabs
Header Footer templates section
Header Footer widgets
Header footer widgets

Use widgets to build your headers and footers

The builder comes with the necessary widgets to individually structure each of the headers or footers.

You have at your disposal the widgets to display the logo of your site, the title of the site as well as the title of the current page, to display the previously created menu.

For the footer, the Copyright widget to identify your site and/or the embedded theme.

You can also use the distribution’s widgets to implement them, such as ‘Openstreetmap’ to locate a specific place or the ‘Off canvas’ widget to display another menu.

Finely select the target of your template

In the document settings, the ‘EAC display condition’ list covers all the post types for which you will associate the model and the post type like singular types, taxonomy, archives or WooCommerce pages.
HFE display condition
Header Footer display condition
HFE duplicate template
Header Footer export import and duplicate template

Duplicate export import header or footer template

You can duplicate a template to assign it to another post type, export and import a template to reuse it in another site.