Create Off-canvas menu with Elementor

The Off-Canvas menu for the free version of Elementor is a new component that will allow you to create unlimited content blocks that you will display in a panel.
In this tutorial you will learn how to select and implement the type of content you want to display in the sidebar, the choice of the trigger and the set of styles applicable to the component.

Accessibility for off-canvas widget

How to activate Off-canvas menu

Elementor plugin is installed and active.

EAC components plugin is installed and active.

From the settings panel you have to drag & drop the ‘Off-canvas‘ icon on the panel preview.

Off-canvas icon

Select and display the content

The Off-canvas can be closed with the ‘escape‘ key, a click on the overlay or on the cross visible in the upper space of the sidebar.

You can choose only one type of content for each sidebar. Display them in one of the four positions and activate / deactivate an overlay

The ‘Form‘ content type naturally accepts shortcodes of all kinds

With the ‘Widget‘ content type, you can choose several widgets from the WordPress standard and the widgets contained in the content sidebars you created

Off-canvas content form

Select trigger and add attributes

You can trigger the opening of the sidebar with a button or free text

The button can be sticky, it is fixed on the right / left side of the visual space.
Its position can be changed in the style tab.
Add a pistogram before / after the button caption

Off-canvas trigger button

Styling content and trigger

You can change the width of the bar, its color and add an image on the background.
‘Text’, ‘Menu’ and ‘Widget’ content have their own style sections as well as for triggers

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