How to add an author info box with Elementor

With Author Info box for the free version of Elementor you can produce a section where you can display information about the author of the current post.
This informations are dynamic and automatically includes the data stored in the user profiles relating to the post displayed.

Prerequisite before using this component

  • This component only uses the data saved in the profile of each user.
  • The author’s photo is retrieved from the avatar management service or the default gravatar.
  • Social media links are not included in a standard user profile. However, you can add them by following the guidelines defined in this document.

Create new Elementor template section

In order to reuse, deploy and display widget content, you need to create a new template section with Elementor.
In the dashboard select Templates and Add New button.
Select Section for the type of template and give it a name then Create Template.
Of course you can create it directly in a post but you lose some of the facilities that the widget offers.

AI Elementor create section
Author Infox box create template

Activate the component Author Info box

The plugin Elementor is installed and active.

The plugin EAC components is installed and active.

From the settings panel (EAC advanced) you have to drag & drop the ‘Author Info box‘ icon on the panel preview.

Author Infobox icon

Select general settings and choose the content to display

Select the Name and Role level.
You can choose between four Skins for rendering.
Container width and alignment

Author Infobox general settings
Author Infox box general settings

Choose the elements that will be displayed.
The button Consult archives retrieve the post archives of the user.

Author settings content
Author Infox box settings content

Select social medias and embed the model

To choose the social networks, click on the wrench icon then the entry Author social networks

Author Infobox settings social medias
Author Infox box settings social medias

The Embedding section will allow you to activate the deployment of the content of the widget. Where do you want it displayed.
First you have to activate Enable embedding toggle.

  • Select the Post type,
  • in the field Key you can select a list of posts, relative to the Post type, in which the content of the section will be displayed.
    If you leave the Key field empty the content will be displayed in all posts of the post type,
  • determine content position.
Author Infox box embed content

Apply styles to elements

You can select one of eight styles which will be applied to the card and choose the main color.

Author Infobox general style
Author Infox box global styling

Nothing particular for the other sections with which you will define the size and the color of the elements.
The Avatar section allows you to switch the Avatar between round or square shape.

Author Infox box styling avatar

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