Use sticky scrolling effect with Elementor

Sticky scroll effect for Elementor free version is a new feature that allows you to create sticky effect on widget, column or top / inner section.
Pay attention: Sticky scrolling is disabled if Elementor Pro is installed and active.

Turn On / Off the sticky effect

In the admin panel select ‘EAC components’ link and ‘Features’ tab then activate / deactivate the option ‘Sticky Element’ entry and save settings.

EAC components settings
Enable config sticky
Configure features

Enable the sticky effect

Make sure the stretch option is turned off first if you want to apply the sticky effect on a top section.

Of course works with containers.

Go to ‘Advanced’ tab open ‘EAC sticky effect’ section and turn on the toggle ‘Active sticky effect’.

You can enable the effect specifically for a header you created with the ‘Render sticky header’ toggle.

  • Select the devices to which the effect will be applied
  • Upper and lower trigger thresholds
  • And to finish the layer level
Sticky strecht section
Disable Stretch section
Sticky element
Configure the sticky effect

2 thoughts on “Use sticky scrolling effect with Elementor”

  1. Hello,
    After updating my EAC to v. 1.9.4 today, I noticed that the EAC sticky effects I had applied to a column just stopped working. I then looked at the colmn under advanced tab and noticed that the EAC Sticky Effects feature was no longer available. I went immediately to the EAC components panel to confirm that EAC Sticky Effects was enabled, and it was. I reverted to using the Elementor Pro Sticky effects on that specific column, which is the only place I had attempted to use the EAC Sticky effects anyway. I am curious though as to why all of a sudden (with the EAC 1.9.4 update) the EAC Sticky effects feature is no longer visible in the Column widget.
    Please advise.


    • Hello François,
      That’s right, “Sticky effect” doesn’t work anymore if Elementor PRO is installed and active because we detected collisions between our plugin and Elementor PRO.
      The documentation is being modified.
      It’s a mistake not to have reported it in the changelog. This will be corrected immediately.
      This change includes:
      ACF Options page
      Custom attributes
      Custom CSS
      Dynamic tags
      ACF dynamic tags
      Lottie background
      And Sticky effect

      But we can provide you with the procedure to enable the feature again. It’s not too complicated, you just need a plain text editor.
      Thanks again for your feedback.


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