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Dynamic Tags for Elementor free version is a very easy and useful feature of Elementor. It is also known under the denomination “Dynamic content“.
Dynamic content lets you take content from somewhere on your WordPress site and automatically insert it into your Elementor designs. But this feature is reserved for owners of the pro version of Elementor.
We have implemented “Dynamic content” for the free version of Elementor.

Explore the dynamic tags list

In this post, you shall learn more about what dynamic content is and some of the ways in which it can benefit you.

The name of the tags must be sufficient to understand the rendering and its use. But specific tags that are not intuitive are commented here.

To open dynamic tags list, click the Dynamic icon in the upper right corner of the field.

Dynamic content URLs

  • Nothing special except the Author’s website where you can link to the author’s website of the current post.
  • The other URLs display a list of all Posts, CPT, Pages…

Dynamic content ACF URLs

  • ACF Url: use this tag to add an URL on title, image or other controls that support URL
  • ACF Group Url: the same as before but with the ACF layout ‘Group’
  • ACF File : use this tag to add the URL of a file, in particular for the ‘PDF viewer’ component
  • ACF Group File: the same as before but with the ACF layout ‘Group’

Dynamic content Site

  • Statistics: display some interesting count about posts, pages, cpt, plugins… Go to the next section for more explanations
  • Shortcode image : very useful il you want to display an external image link from your CDN with a shortcode
Dynamic Tags Author Post

Dynamic content Author - Post

  • Author name: retrieve the last and first name
  • Author’s social networks : add the associated social media icons links for a user
  • Elementor templates reuse your Elementor templates in posts or pages and change the different contents in one shot. Template Page or Section

Dynamic content for Post Grid

Dynamic Tags Custom Fields-ACF

Dynamic content Image

  • External image : use this entry if you want to display an external image and keep all the properties and options the Image widget provides.
    Very handy to display an image from a CDN

Use internal statistics with the dynamic tag statistics

With dynamic tag statistics, you can produce and display a lot of internal information that may be of interest to your users, especially if you are a content producer.
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4 thoughts on “Elementor Dynamic Tags”

  1. Fantastic plugin 🙂 because with dynamic tags I get the following errors [15-Apr-2022 17:14:29 UTC] PHP Deprecated: _register_controls has been deprecated since version 3.1.0. Use Elementor\Controls_Stack::register_controls() instead. in … /wp-includes/functions.php on line 5323

    • Hi Angel,
      Thank you for your feedback, but the modifications concerning the ‘_register_controls’ method were made in May 2021.
      Maybe another plugin!!

    • Hi Acha,
      Sorry but if you have Elementor pro installed dynamic tags are not loaded
      Otherwise go to EAC components settings page, Features tab and check that they are active


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