Dynamic WooCommerce Tags for Elementor

EAC implement new and powerful features with dynamic tags for Woocommerce.
You can insert in any page of your site, elements specific to one or more products such as the price, the available stock, its availability without having to worry about the changes that will be made to these products.
This data will reflect its actual values without you having to update it.

Enable dynamic tags for Woocommerce

By default this feature is disabled.
In the admin panel select ‘EAC Components’ page then ‘Features’ tab and activate the option WC dynamic tags and save settings.

Enable dynamic Woocommerce tags

Autocomplete Select2

Because a Woocommerce shop can display a large number of products, sometimes more than a hundred, we have implemented a simplified version of the Select2 widget with autocomplete options which will allow you to search with a few characters for the most relevant results.
Autocomplete Select2

WooCommerce dynamic product content

You obviously know how to access dynamic tags.
Dynamic tags for WooCommerce cover all the constituent elements of a product, from its description to the number of sales already made for a product, including the available stock, its price, etc.

Dynamic Woocommerce tags list
WooCommerce dynamic product content

WooCommerce dynamic product URLs

URL to add the product and a quantity to the cart Product add to cart, retrieve the link of the page of a product by its title Product URLs and get the URL of a category with Category URLs

Dynamic Woocommerce tags URLs
WooCommerce dynamic product URLs

WooCommerce dynamic product image

Retrieve the product image with the dynamic tag Product image or the image associated with a category Product category image.

Dynamic Woocommerce tags images
WooCommerce dynamic product image

WooCommerce dynamic product gallery

These dynamic tags work perfectly with the Advanced image gallery widget.

Retrieve a product image gallery with the dynamic tag  Product gallery
Display images from a category: Category gallery
Display all product categories with the related image: Categories gallery
Display all featured images: Featured gallery
Display a gallery with images of best-selling products: Best sellers gallery
Suggest a gallery of products related to a product: Upsell gallery
Suggest a gallery of similar products: Similar gallery
Display a gallery of recently sold products: Recent sales gallery

Woocommerce dynamic tags
WooCommerce dynamic product gallery

Concrete use case of dynamic tags for Woocommerce

Use of the Promotion of products component which is perfectly adapted to this need.

Or you can create a widget from scratch to promote a product using the set of dynamic tags for Woocommerce. Each of the elements displayed being the result of a dynamic tag and in particular the background image which is displayed with the URL of the image of a category (Product category image).

To be sure that the Woocommerce styles will be applied to the widget, edit the container properties, add woocommerce class in Advanced tab, Layout section, field ‘Css classes’ and the folowing styles in the ‘EAC custom CSS’ section.

/** Reviews */
.woocommerce .star-rating {
    float: left;
    color: #f2b01e;

.woocommerce .star-rating:before {
    color: #f2b01e;

/** Stock */
.woocommerce .stock.in-stock:before {
  content: "\f118";

.woocommerce .stock.out-of-stock:before {
  content: "\f119";

.woocommerce .stock:before {
  -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
  -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;
  display: inline-block;
  font-style: normal;
  font-variant: normal;
  font-weight: normal;
  line-height: 1;
  font-family: "Font Awesome 5 Free";
  font-weight: 900;
  line-height: inherit;
  vertical-align: baseline;
  margin-right: .5407911001em;

/** Color and smiley stock out-stock */
.woocommerce .stock.out-of-stock {
	color: #e2401c;

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      • Hi… Thanks….
        What I’m trying to achieve is to create a Category page template, I’m using woolentor to make the template and asign it to the Archive ….
        So when the category page is browsed , the category image is the one assigned on the category …. and I’m already using dinamic Tags to bring the category name…. But No luck with the image…

        P.S. : KUDOS to the great work you’re doing here…. I still can’t get why you don’t go to the WP directory and try to monetize… (But thanks for the free ride, anyway)


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