Add link to a section column using Elementor

Add a column / section link for the free version of Elementor is a new feature that allows to create a clickable element to open a new page.

Turn on / off link element

In the admin panel select ‘EAC components’ link and ‘Features’ tab then activate / deactivate the option ‘Link Element’ entry and save settings.

EAC components settings
Configure features

Add a link to an element to make it clickable

The link will only be loaded into the DOM in preview or front-end mode.

Select the properties of the container / section / column you want to add a link.

You can add a link to any URL (external or on your site) simply by typing it into the field or by selecting the Dynamic Tags wrench icon.

There are also additional settings if you click the ‘gear’ ⚙️ icon. This allows you to no-follow the link, open it in a new window.

The “HTML tag” drop-down list can be set for any value.

Configure the item to be linked

Since the stack order of the link wrapper is set to 99, if you want to add a link in an element of the container, you must give it a ‘z-index’ greater than 99.
Select the properties  of the element then ‘Advanced’ tab ‘Z-index’

Section advanced zindex
Change the z-Index property of the element

Section wrapped by a link

The link does not break the styles that are applied to the column or section…

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