Display Elementor Template Anywhere Using Shortcode

You can get the Shortcode of Saved Templates without Elementor Pro because Elementor-Addon-Components gives you the opportunity to retrieve shortcodes for all the pre-design layouts you have created or imported.
So, you can easily get them by navigating to Elementor -> Templates -> Saved Templates -> Shortcode Column
Select and copy the desired template shortcode
Paste the shortcode into any widget, custom HTML or Textarea (Read more about Dynamic Template)

2 thoughts on “Display Elementor Template Anywhere Using Shortcode”

  1. Hello
    I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the work you’re putting by making all these feature. Maybe your next move will be ACF fields integration.
    All the best

    • Hello @natalie
      The ACF features are now imlemented and accessibles with the Dynamic Tags
      The next release 1.8.0 implements also a feature for using ‘Relationship’ field as Related posts.
      You will find the doc under the help center link
      Rgds Chichille


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