Promotion of products

Product promotion for Elementor free version adds 3 components that will help you create, manage and publish your products in different forms by providing a high performance visual approach.

Promotion of products with round images

  • Quickly develop a component with a high-performance visual appeal
  • Different title levels and differentiated margins
  • Position the link (URL) on the image and / or on a pictogram
  • Activate the viewer on the image (Rhodesian Armchair)
Fautuil Voltaire

Fauteuil Voltaire

Fauteuil Rhodésien

fauteuil rhodésien

Promotion of products with image ribbon

  • Place a ribbon, right or left, on an image
  • Determine the text, associated colors
  • Attach a link to the image and fill in the caption
a vendre
Fauteuils crapaud
3 chaises bistrots
3 chaises bistrot
lot à saisir
Chaises noires bureau

Promotion of products

  • Completely create a component by integrating an image or a pictogram
  • Manage a list of characteristics
  • Add a ribbon and activate the viewer
  • Fully configure the component (Colors, fonts…)

Votre titre

  • Élément liste #1
  • Élément liste #2
  • Élément liste #3
  • Élément liste #4

Pouf Cabriolet

  • Structure bois
  • 50x34cm
  • Tissu contemporain gris chiné
349 €