Promotion of products

Product promotion for Elementor free version adds 3 components that will help you create, manage and publish your products in different forms by providing a high performance visual approach.

Promotion of products with round images

  • Quickly develop a component with a high-performance visual appeal
  • Different title levels and differentiated margins
  • Position the link (URL) on the image and / or on a pictogram
  • Activate the viewer on the image (Rhodesian Armchair)
Fautuil Voltaire

Fauteuil Voltaire

Fauteuil Rhodésien

fauteuil rhodésien

Promotion of products with image ribbon

  • Place a ribbon, right or left, on an image
  • Determine the text, associated colors
  • Attach a link to the image and fill in the caption
a vendre
Fauteuils crapaud
3 chaises bistrots
3 chaises bistrot
lot à saisir
Chaises noires bureau

Promotion of products

  • Completely create a component by integrating an image or a pictogram
  • Manage a list of characteristics
  • Add a ribbon and activate the viewer
  • Fully configure the component (Colors, fonts…)

Movie Title

  • Élément liste #1
  • Élément liste #2
  • Élément liste #3
Product available

Pouf Cabriolet

  • Structure bois
  • 50x34cm
  • Tissu contemporain gris chiné
349 €

Product name

  • Élément liste #1
  • Élément liste #2
  • Élément liste #3
  • Élément liste #4
  • Élément liste #5

For good responsivity, you can apply a style piece to the inner section.
To do this select the properties of the inner section, under the ‘Advanced’ tab enter the following css code in the ‘EAC custom CSS’ control.
Evently you can modify the min, max-with for your own purpose and add new rule.

@media screen and (max-width:1024px) {
    selector .elementor-column {
        width:  50%;
@media screen and (max-width:767px) {
    selector .elementor-column {
        width:  100%;