Elementor Addon Components

Elementor Chart is a new widget that will allow you to produce, publish amazing and beautiful interactive charts.
You can create seven most used chart types with tons of customization options.
You will be able to apply different style settings and customize widget according to your data visualization.

WordPress Plugin

Author: EAC Team

Chart type

Library and Plugins

Lib. ChartJS.
Plugins: Datalabels. Style

Format JSON File

Number JSON files are available in the assets/js/chart/json directory.

Keys/values must be surrounded by double quotes
Comma is not allowed at the end of the object
labels, label, data are mandatory
data use comma to separate values

“title”: “Chart title”,
“labels”: “”, Mandatory
“label”: “Serie label 1”,
“data”: “1,2,3,4,5” Mandatory
}, {
“label”: “Serie label 2”, Mandatory
“data”: “” No comma
“options”: {
“stacked”: “0”, “1”: To stack Bars, Lines
“stepped”: “0”, “1”: Line
“x_axis”: {
“title”: “X Axis title”
“y_axis”: {
“title”: “Y Axis title”,
“suffix”: “” Suffix to Y data
“y_axis2”: {
“display”: “0”, “1” display right axis
“title”: “Y2 Axis title”,
“suffix”: “” Suffix to Y2 data
} No comma