Instagram for Elementor free version adds 4 new components to Elementor which will allow you to follow your favorite’ User Accounts / Hashtags / Locations’, optimize the time spent collecting information for your competitive intelligence and assess the relevance of the choice of your hashtags .
The collection of posts is anonymous and does not require identification.

  • Powerful search engine (Search Feeds)
  • Display the posts of a user account (User Account Feeds)
  • Display the posts associated with a Hashtag (Explore Hashtag Feeds)
  • Display the posts of a location (Location Feeds)

To date (03/12/2021) the ‘Search’ and ‘User account’ components are again inaccessible due to new restrictions of the Instagram API.


  • Create, for each component, its own list that you wish to follow (Marketting, etc.)
  • Retrieve a user’s id by username
  • The pictograms of the images display their own content. Ex: The last 50 likes
  • Display Mentions or Hashtags cloud
  • All images and content are displayed in a fancy box (See credit)
  • Tons of other settings to configure each post as well as the overall rendering

instagram Search feeds

  • Search Instagram feeds by User, Hashtag or Location
  • You can transfer each of the results to its component by clicking on the ‘Send to xxxx’ link

instagram user feeds

  • Pagination activated
  • Videos can be downloaded
  • Average number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’

instagram hashtag feeds

  • Pagination activated

instagram location feeds

  • Full page display, 5 columns with direct image / Instagram link
  • Pagination activated
  • Display of the location map with OSM (Open Street Map) cartography


The Instagram API is constantly evolving (Graphql) and some data currently available may in the future (End 2019/2020) disappear or be hidden for applications that do not have authentication functions (OAuth).


These components use the library Isotope, ImagesLoaded de David DeSandro
And Fancybox for the viewer.

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