Elementor Control Background Image

Default values for the control ‘ Group_Control_Background ‘

I want to show you how you can set default values for the control ‘Group_Control_Background‘ to display a background image.

			'name' => 'mb_modal_box_bg',
			'types' => ['classic', 'gradient'],
			'fields_options' => [
				'size' => ['default' => 'cover'],
				'position' => ['default' => 'center center'],
				'repeat' => ['default' => 'no-repeat'],
		'selector' => '{{WRAPPER}} .myclass-bg',

You have to set the ‘fields_options‘ array of array with ‘key‘ => [‘default‘ => ‘value‘] like any other css properties.
The background image will be affected by the default values and ‘cover’ the container, the focal point is centered and the image is not repeated.

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